Not really sure about this while blogging thing yet. Trying to piece together some sort of extrinsically valuable Internet persona. Right now that involves a lot of effort, as the writing isn’t very fluid. I should probably add links to my github and I guess twitter to this, and set some goals. Right now I’m very much in a vacuum of my own design, piecemealing together some sort of reality. Very scary, very hard.

I often times find I’m too pragmatic when writing. I tend to externalize a lot of what’s going on, and I create a passive voice to the things that I write. It’s very amateurish. As I write more, it should get better, especially when editing. I’m also a bit too wordy and wishy-washy.

This is going to have to suffice for day two. I should put together a list of things to write about, so these posts aren’t so content-less.