One of the most difficult things I have going on for myself is my inability to think into the future. Not literally, but I generally lack the ability to express desires that are more concrete to myself if they exist more than a few days out. I think this is a negative aspect of my personality. I’m too watery. Instead of forging a concrete world around myself, I continually wash up on the shore of reality, accreting over time.

With that in mind, one of the things I do need to get better at is creating goals. I’ve accomplished a lot recently, but I feel like I was only 20 or 30 percent effective where I could have been far more.

Hopefully this will be something I revisit from time to time, reassessing productivity and goals throughout the year until I can see myself at 60 percent or more productivity.

Potential goals:

  • Develop a system for bringing Dota to the Pathfinder system.
  • Develop a spiritual successor to Plants vs Zombies.
  • Implement a neural network tool and visualizer for a language like Erlang with lightweight threads.
  • Develop some sort of other compelling PC game.
  • Start teaching programming on Twitch.

Concrete goals:

  • Finish various projects at home. Necessary before we can move.
    • Computer desk
    • Back hallway
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen
    • Basement TLC
    • Windows
    • Refinish children’s rooms
    • Side and paint shed
    • Replace shed doors
  • Continue to stretch/exercise against back arthritis.
  • Visit the gym at least once each week, but preferably twice a week on average.
  • Continue writing at least one page a day.

Abstract goals:

  • Grow this audience! Get at least 5 people checking back here once per week.
  • Create something with consistent value. Assist might be this. Not sure. Very low cost per user.

Much of my inability revolves around mental health problems. Either a lack of confidence, or a lack of will/desire. I’m hoping to cultivate a garden of productive mechanisms for each of these things that I can draw from when necessary. My biggest enemy seems to be a lack of discipline.

When I’m writing, I tend to think as though I’m writing for an audience, which seems to help me cultivate some discipline.